The Flood Sessions - Abused and Unused

by Night Of Sevens

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Recorded in the summer of 2009 @ The Tyne Tees Television Studios (RIP), Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Written, recorded, mixed and produced by Night Of Sevens. Mastered by Night Of Sevens. The Flood Sessions - Abused and Unused is the second EP release in The Flood Sessions series.


released August 16, 2010



all rights reserved


Night Of Sevens Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

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Track Name: Thursday
Nine to five
Economy feeding time
Freedom to compromise
Eaten alive

Switch off your mind
Boredom is subsidised
Hierarchy synthesised
The modern design

A sentence of screens blur to scenes of escape
Reissued abuse through a silent campaign
Assimilate the boundaries and make the mark
Where just enough becomes an art

Bribed for time and paid to play
For stalemate in a dead end game
Assimilate the boundaries and make the mark
A disconnection of the heart

Drawn on smile
Like you’re hypnotised
Humour sterilised
In your eyes

Born resigned
To a servile life
It’s a corporate crime
Dead in your prime

Back to the lessons that made us the same
Say it again
I’ll say it again

Dissolving on the inside
You’re dissolving on the inside
Track Name: Movement No.7
Hope in a crowd so sacred
They cleanse the men before the fall
Summon a flame so naked
It seals the wound the movement draws apart

Life as a child was to never ever die
Feeling through bliss with fits of fire

Once realised divides into another vein
Certainly a shame, certainly a shame

Death before life they say
Safely from far away
Show them the closer way Lord

How the heart stains
All the heart takes
Down to the bag put the pieces in the bag

Preserving honour I carve a smile side to side
Slowly like a brave man bring it round left to right
Observe the flashes as a reaction of the mind
Extract inside I’m alright now

All a stage
A play for all
Fade out the act
Of final dark

With empty hands
Amass the night
Each a breath
Of passing time

Make it clean right through
While I’m facing you
Show me what you do
Show me what you do

Inhale exhale exhale exhale

In Aimless flight
Without a doubt
Where all is clear
And what is all?

This spitting blood
Is clearing up
The way to feel
And dream alike

Make it clean right through
While I’m facing you
Show me what you do
Show me what you do
Track Name: Dirty Boots
Choice furs under the dirty boot
Luxury begs me to be abused
Cut to scenes of any act I choose
I can visualise some shapes for you

Coming untied
Observe your right to comply
The filthy speak just to hear it
Curses of feeling
Enter intent as night

In eager heat I’m feeling bored
Yesterday could say I’ve seen it all
Show of class you never knew before
Etiquette a glass against the wall

Coming untied
Observe your right to comply
The filthy speak just to hear it
Curses of feeling
Sightlessly purified

Sugar is spit tonight
Calling names like it’s right
The filthy speak just to hear it
Curses of feeling
Hanging on solemn eyes

Movement alone decides, free will on the shoulder of the night
Surreal in real time, each tremor analysed

Surrender on all sides, dance of submission to the night
Can’t stop ‘til we find, the moment satisfied

Resisting affection awakens me
The customs of breeding humanity
Politely excuse me I have to leave
Right now there’s somewhere else to be
Track Name: Kimono
Fluid so sleek across the bed
Wearing the ghosts of other men
Inside of you too few could spend
All torn of heaven and your scent

Sister grace and grief
Ritual of passion and a grave need

Sister child white cheek
Bow initiate the lead

Permissive with desperation and the silence starts
A blind girl’s world of shades of heart
Soul of the senses glides on broken breath
Declaring victory to what you were
Or what not you wear

Shine the pornographic star
Silver screen of nature’s art
Scream in stereo we come apart

No pillow tales of talking secrets or
No union in the eye of holy law
Sentimental fear or jealous scenes
No guilt trip sin or beck and call
Is there no part of you that needs it all?