The Flood Sessions

by Night Of Sevens

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Recorded in the summer of 2009 @ The Tyne Tees Television Studios (RIP), Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Written, recorded, mixed and produced by Night Of Sevens. Mastered by Darren Hall.


released August 16, 2010



all rights reserved


Night Of Sevens Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

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Track Name: Dirge For An Angel
I kick at the seas of broken glass and bask in the glow of the aftermath
There’s a war outside and I have to laugh

I found out some things about the situation we had and all the circumstances surrounding our boredom with the world as we knew it

No one looked for the fallen but the shock shook the present so sick that I cried foreign words and spat in the mirror then took to the streets and I prayed that our gods knew the sadness we feel

The last time I gave my heart my life fell apart I just wanted to sleep I couldn’t eat and all of my thoughts were out roaming the streets, it was counter productive but they say it’s a game of sacrifice; sacrifice and sacrifices

Best of all you caught my eye and said you’d believe me if you ever had a doubt

So it continues, rich in life without a penny, pregnant with hope and the mysteries of what happens next- what happens next?

Dirge for an angel

She said lets go down and do all the things you said when you predicted this night, we need the safety of the shadows when they search with lights

And I knew eventually she would walk off into the night and say- Fuck you fuck you fuck you, then I’d kindly turn around and say- Hey you know, momentum builds with every word…
Track Name: A Girl's Name
Could’ve told you all about the night
Hanging lights were hanging bright
A crescent heart three quarter blind
Saw you all that night

Say it twice, say it twice, say it twice
You can see the man is right
Days we left for darker skies
And all is light

Fall into it more as more than skin is displayed
A lone parasite seeking a host for a name
Dramas of blood stem from a minor complaint
Alive with an illness that runs thick down the veins

Receptors of need aligned with customs of gain
Obsessed with a love that loss and fear would outweigh
A kiss like a curse hurts as one entertains
The daintiest glove withheld a cache of nails

Holding black holes in your hand now
Conscience cuts out its own mouth

Envy left alone in the wilderness to tend a cruel plan
Greed force-feeds itself bitterness in long deserted lands

Truth underneath
Touch we don’t feel
Itching to bleed
Destructions of need
Violence to feed
Blood on our knees
A measure too deep
In love’s trickery
Never in peace
We fought in our sleep
The life we achieved
Confusion between
Worst part of me
Instilling a fear
A word we don’t mean
Track Name: Weightless
It’s happening today
The reckoning has chosen time

The subterfuge is raised
The holy weightlessness arrives

The word ignites the way
When all is one the truth becomes
The education of the rise
Perpetuate the flame
They take out one it carries on
Impermanence as in the fire

Free to speak the guided mind
Hearts and heads so civilised

Value claimed and falsified
Policy the easy lie

To match the volumes of time weight for weight with the love scream death of all that the gods call now chaos yields for form to be flavoured and recognised in essence of the everlasting instant and dead finality reassuring as the first of this forever… A little at a time is the way that mountains are made to pass us by

Fear will set the traps of life
Ritual steps for the herded tribes
We writhe and hide from the dark we find
Gazing stars cry shots of light

The sight of one fits every size
The ceilings crash and the death bells chime
Complexity is realised
The fleeting mind is unified
Track Name: Edinburgh
Let’s play that old song tonight
A key in the past tense of time
I saw you last night like a stranger in the half-light
An actress perfecting the smile

The rains can start, the night won’t be dark when I’m found

Dreamscapes all shaped with the memories we made
Majesty crowned in a flame
A sadness of beauty that’s too far away
Poignant perfections of pain

The rains can start, the night won’t be dark where I’m found
Crowds apart, a walkway rolls under the stars

All I ever wanted was, an atmosphere lost in an ether of time
Could it be another day, breaking in another place where I take my mind

The rains can start, the night won’t be dark where I’m found
Crowds apart, a fair ride winds under the stars

Whiter than the dead eyes
Clouded on the inside
Emptiness stares in the skies

Echoes of an insight
Weeping down the hillsides
Replays of rain in the night

Where old times
Are playing tonight